Post Your Saab Reviews 

R.L. Smith is proud to provide an outstanding customer service experience to the upstate New York area, including Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton and Poughkeepsie. If you have been to the R.L. Smith dealership and were impressed with the quality of your Saab purchasing experience, we would greatly appreciate it if you would leave us a review. With over 60 years of trusted service as the only authorized Saab area dealer in Albany, we believe that satisfying the needs of our customers should be our number one goal. R.L. Smith thanks our loyal Saab customers for their business and we hope to continue to do so now and in the future! 

  • Best Service I Have Ever Received! 100% Recommend

    This is by far the best customer service I have ever received in the US and Canada. When my friends and I were having trouble with our Saab during our long-awaited road trip, we took the car to R. L. Smith Sales and was blown away with the service we received. We were warmly welcomed and offered coffee on what was a bitterly cold day (even for us Canadians!). Greg was very friendly, helpful and honest with us, keeping us informed the whole time as to what was going on. When we informed him we were from Canada, he and his team worked quickly and efficiently to get the car fixed so we could get to the Celtics game in Boston that night. They double and triple checked to make sure that everything was in perfect working condition so we would not have any more problems. In no time the Saab was running smoothly. They even refilled the windshield washer fluid and tidied the car up! After all this friendly service we received, Greg went one step further and since we were unfamiliar with the area, he drew us a map so that we were able to get back to the interstate to get to Boston and gave us a number to call in case we had any more problems. R. L. Smith Sales made my friends and I feel right at home even in another country. I would definitely 100% recommend R. L. Smith Sales to anyone. They are truly Saab experts. Thank you so much Greg and his team! We are so appreciative of everything that you did for us!

    by 4 Grateful Canadian Girls from New York
  • Saab and RL Smith Sales and Service Are the best!

    I have purchased 3 Saabs so far from here. I have all of my repair and maintenance work done here as well. Everyone associated with this company has always been accommodating, honest and fair.

    I would highly recommend both sales and service from RL Smith Sales. Great people and a great company.

    by 2003 Saab Aero from Rensselaer
  • Great service, friendly and honest staff

    I was coming through New York on a road trip and my Saab broke down. I was able to get to this dealership and they took me in right away! They looked at my car and gave me an honest and accurate diagnosis. They had the part I needed on hand and put it in right away! They knew we were just passing through and worked quickly and efficiently to get us back on the road. They were super friendly and inviting, and offered coffee and a room to sit and relax in. The one individual who did all of the labor and replaced my part was super knowledgeable and was able to walk me through what he did and why it needed to be done. He topped up my windshield wash and cleaned out my back seat. I have never been so impressed and treated so well as a customer. I wish I was not just passing through New York and that I could return to these guys for all of my service needs!

    by Sam from Cambridge, ON